Weekly creative writing workshops in elementary school classrooms, grades 2 to 7.

In-school residencies last 2 to 6 weeks and are team-taught by 2-5 trained teaching artors.

The goals:

  • Teach students fundamental creative writing skills.

  • Provide consistent and nurturing attention to each student over a sustained period of time.

  • Build student confidence in self-expression, self-esteem, and writing skills. 


A 5 week writing workshop and with a performance on week 6.


All performances are made up of the stories, poems and plays written by the students in our program. Each session is led by 2 trained actor-educators and includes games, group story writing, student performances and creative writing time.

Different writing forms including: radio plays, acrostic poems, haikus, creative nonfiction, commercial jingles, monologues, science fiction and newspaper reporting.
The shows are designed to empower the child-authors and show their families, friends, and community their hard work.


The community is very important to us, and giving back is just as important.


Children's stories are rotated throughout the communities so their work gets a chance to be seen. Sunrise Children's Hospital and Nevada Reading Week are some of the places you can find us volunteering. We also do fundraisers and donate to another charities. We believe in giving back! 


Ants in the Pants teach workshops in schools, after school, and around the community for ages 6 and up.

School performances are an opportunity for the child-authors to see their work performed in front of an audience of their peers, an experience that is profoundly moving and empowering for the students.

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