You Can Make a Difference


Your support is important to our work at Ants in the Pants Productions. There are many ways you can contribute towards our cause, and every little bit that you commit goes a long way in helping us fulfill our mission. Learn more about how you can get involved and take advantage of the opportunity to do some good.


Ants in the Pants has a goal of performing in all public schools in Clark County free of charge, so every little bit helps get us in schools and allows us to do community with out the worry of money.  All donations are tax deductible! We can't tell their stories with out your help!

Volunteers and Performers

We always need volunteers to help us during shows, back stage and on stage, we are also looking for people who just want to get involved with a good cause!

Performers are the ones who teach and perform the children's work!  you will get to perform new work, help children work on their stories, and get to perform for the children, their families, and the community!

If you'd like to join our team email

Sponsor Us

To meet our goals and to be a last figure in the community, as well continue working with children, building their confidence, and telling their stories, we need you help.  If you'd like to sponsor us please click below.  And of course there are extra perks for sponsors!

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