Teachers and Performers

Ants in the Pants teachers, actors, and musicians adopt student-written stories into sketches and songs, which are performed for the schools and later for the public. 

Angie Pohlman is an educator, entertainer, and arts & crafts enthusiast. She teaches ELA 8 at JD Smith Middle School. She loves to make costumes, do crazy makeup, and get dressed up for different events around town. 

Angie Pohlman

Ensemble and Lead Educator

Gilda Graham


Director of Marketing and PR


Gilda Graham is an Emmy nominated producer, screenwriter and storyteller. She was born and raised in Hollywood, California, to a family that immersed her in classic films from a young age. This exposure established Gilda's passion for film, which led her to embark on the study of and, ultimately, career in the film industry. She specializes in storytelling through film, and her passion for what she does has only grown since she first began her career. 

Gilda’s passion for the community has been an undercurrent throughout her career. One of her favorite things to do in her spare time is teaching free acting and screenwriting classes at her local library, a place she loved spending time as a child and where her love of stories and reading first came to life. Giving back to local youth and members of the community has provided Gilda with a truly meaningful way to spread her passion and knowledge of filmmaking. 

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